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Wire Preparation

At Flex-Tec, Inc. we're your high volume quality solution. Flex-Tec’s high volume OEM wire assembly production process insure verifiable quality whether 10,000 assemblies per lot run or 10,000 a week.


We have the ability to:

  • Cut wires

  • "Slug" wires

  • Twist wires

  • Tin wires

  • Terminate wires

Flex-Tec is able to provide these services at either one or both ends of single core cable. We also offer the ability to terminate both chain type and pre- or fully insulated terminals. Your wire sub assemblies can be joined together either with connectors or sheathed. 


Some of our other capabilities include:

  • Manufacturing electrical assemblies

  • Manufacturing all types of wiring harnesses

(incorporating many into electronic devices)​​​


Contact us for more info.

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