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Custom Manufacturing

The growing complexity of electrical products demands a versatile, creative and efficient environment for manufacture of both competitive and superior products.  Flex-Tec's team-oriented staff exceeds those demands and provides a wealth of expertise, creativity, can-do spirit and drive to satisfy our customer's expectations.


Your product is carefully processed throughout our facility.

  • Incoming Materials Verification

  • Timely Order Completion

  • Individualized Responsibility for Quality

  • Testing to Assure Conformance to UL and CSA

  • IPC 620 certification

Because the products we manufacture are your products, we recognize that service is the most important thing we have to offer.


Your commitment to your customer is only as good as our commitment to you, and we understand its importance.


Quality Materials
We use UL/CSA recognize components tested for assurance of quality.


UL/CSA Recognized
Our multiple facilities are UL/CSA recognized.


Solutions Provider
Our team includes manufacturing engineering and materials management expertise.  Let our team participate in your early supplier involvement process.


Attention to Detail
Getting it right the first time, every time, only happens when the details are addressed.


Just-In-Time Delivery
The right product at the right place in the right quantity on time to minimize your inventory.


Turn-Key Manufacturing
From components to complete finished product our resources facilitate reduction of administration within your enterprise.


Supply Chain Optimization
Building the strongest total business network.

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